September to October 1964 Photos

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NA7, Selby NA7, Selby NA7, Belgrave D3 646, Ballarat North
N453, Ararat N428, Ararat N460, Ararat N428, Ararat
N458, Ararat R748, Ararat N428, Ararat N427,Ararat
R762,Ararat R762,Ararat R762,Ararat R748,Ararat
R748,Ararat J546,Ararat J547,Ararat B75,R703,Ararat
R703,Ararat N458,Ararat R763,Ararat R764,Buangor
D3 639,Moranding D3 639,Heathcote ACL 8,Fyansford ACL 8,Fyansford
ACL 2, Fyansford ACL 2,Fyansford K185, North Melbourne R703,North Melbourne
R723,Spencer Sreet R723,Woodend J521,Woodend R723,Woodend
J510,Bendigo J510,Bendigo J515,Bendigo J515,Bendigo
R704,Bendigo D3 639,Elmore K182,Elmore K182,Elmore
D3 639,Rochester D3 639,Rochester D3 639,Rochester D3 639,Strathallan
J529,Echuca J504,Echuca K183,Echuca K173,Echuca
K173,Echuca D3 639,Echuca D3 639,Echuca

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