1972, 1973 and 1974 Photos

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4457,Douglas Park 7100,Enfield 3820,Wanervale 6039,Musselbrook
GM32,Chiltern GM31,Barnawatha GM31,Barnawatha 3813,Broadmeadow
7339,Broadmeadow 3001,Mount Victoria 3642,Wyee 4801,48148,Muswellbrook


4712,4813,4519,Wyee 44xx,Yass 4443,Cootamundra 42211,Cootamundra
42104,Junee 4457,42106,Junee 4457,42106,The Rock 42206,The Rock
42205,The Rock 4417,Gerogery GM31,X31,Albury 4457,42106,Albury
GM31,42106,Albury GM31,42209,Albury X38,Chiltern GM32,Glenrowan
T344,Beveridge X37,Beveridge 280 hp Walker Rail car X44,Beveridge
T373,Armstrong T379,Marnoo 3820,R707,Kilmore East GM32,S317,Broadford
3820,Seymour 3820,Seymour 3801,3820,Spencer Street GM31,Donnybrook


S303,X39,Beaufort T406,Bank Box T331,T402,Wallan X33,Heathcote Junction
R761,R707,Dimboola R761,R707,Dimboola R761,R707,Wail X40,Wallan
S308,Sunshine S313,Kilmore East GM34,Heathcote Junction

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